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Investment Advice: Try to learn these Tips

If you learn these Free Investment Advice Tips and use them truly, you'd be more successful investor than before.

#1- Set a Goal in your mind

I believe this rule is very important for doing each work, not only trading. When you set a clear goal in your mind, your subconscious starts automatically working to achieve that goal. But consider that your goal must be realistic and attainable. For example at first, try to earn $1000 each month then when achieve that, increase your goal.

#2- Losing Trades are Part of Trading

It is important to keep in your mind that losing trades are part of trading. You should learn to feel comfortable when take a loss. However, you should try to get out of losing trades on time; I mean that you have to exit of losing trades not very soon and not very late.

#3- Use Stop Orders

Using stop orders are a must. When you use them, you control and manage your losses. Many people don't use stop orders, they say:”when we use stop order the market will hit our stop order and then immediately the direction of market changes”. This is not an acceptable reason, because the market may be going down and you lose a lot of money.

People who don't use stop orders, aren't sure about their prediction and don't want to accept that they may make mistake.

#4- Take the Profit

When you got a decent profit, take your profit. A good way is to lock your stop order in profit. This is called trailing stop orders. Also trailing stop orders is a good way to prevent losses, in this way when got some profits, trail your stop order to the same price where you got in the market.

#5- Be Patient

Many traders when lose money in a trade, tend to get the money back immediately in next trade, But this puts them in a bad situation and likely causes them make another wrong decision. After a losing trade, don't decide immediately to get back the money. Review your wrong trade and try to find your mistake.

#6- Make your own Rules

Write a list of rules that must to follow them. Loser people trade without any rules. So, write a list of your rules and stick to apply them. Review the rules always, and try to keep them in mind. In bad situations, take a look at the rules and consider whether the rules need to be improved or you forget to use one of them. You can find a list of Trading Rules here.

Using this investment advice isn't easy as much as you think. You must try in a regular way to apply this investment advice on your trading strategy.

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