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10 Tips on Choosing Best
Discount Stock Broker

Discount stock brokers are ideal for those who know the trade industry well and do not need extensive information about the market. Since an investor can obtain high discounts, these brokering services are very significant.

Notice! Your individual trading style will determine which discount stock broker is best for you.

#1- How do you Trade:
Are you a day trader or a swing trader? A few discount stock brokers are suitable for both daytrading and swingtrading. If you are a daytrader execution speed of stock brokers is very important for you.

#2- Don't limit yourself to only one broker :
Some stock brokers focus on different segments of trading. For example, some brokers don't offer option trading; others don't offer the Level II Quotes that daytraders require. Many successful traders use two or three stock brokers.

#3- Easily Accessible:
Look for a stockbroker who is easily accessible and, find out on busy trading days, can you reach this broker? This can be very significant.

#4- Compare Rates:
Find out how commissions are determined and how much they will be. A few discount stock brokers have hidden fees: Read the fine print. There are plenty of places they can tack on miscellaneous fees to drive up the overall cost.

#5- Execution Speeds:
For daytraders, execution speeds are key. Choose a discount stock broker with high Execution Speeds if you are a daytrader.

#6- Check out the broker's background and strategy:
First, make sure they are properly licensed. Then find out about their experience, training and certifications.

#7- Get Referrals:
work with someone whom you have heard good things about. Ask around and read the stock forums to find out which brokers other people use and why they selected a specific broker.

#8- Find Honest Brokers:
Some discount stock brokers only think to earn commission. You need someone who has your interests in mind. Be careful with the deep discount brokers. Read their fine print carefully.

#9 - Limit Order:
A limit order is an instruction stating the maximum price an investor is willing to pay when buying shares, (a buy order), or the minimum he will accept when selling, (a sell order).

These orders allow the investor to have greater control over the timing of his trades and consequently allow him to achieve better prices.

#10- Dealing tools and value-added services:
Which free services do they offer? Some stock brokers offer some form of free news, research or analysis tools. A few also offer premium services which are available either on a pay-per-use basis, or in exchange for an annual fee or the placing of a minimum number of trades per quarter.

It is important to make sure that you are not paying extra for something you are not going to use.

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