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Online International Stock Brokers List

International discount Stock Brokers

approx $ per Internet Trade of local stock*

Key Conditions*

Trading Direct

Limit & market orders are $9.95 for any number of shares, no minimum account.

Serving over 200 countries.

Interactive Brokers

Limit & market orders are one cent per share with $1 minimum; $1 for 100 shares, $5 for 500 shares.

Account minimum $2,000.


Both limit and market orders are $10.99, no fee IRAs.

Account minimum $2000.

Schwab International

Web access to the U.S. Stock Markets for Non-U.S. Residents.


Noble Trading

Free Level II Quotes with 10 round trips per month, ticket charges as low as $9.95 for active traders.

International accounts welcome except Canada, account minimum $10,000.

Stock Brokers List

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