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UK discount Stock Brokers

approx $ per Internet Trade of local stock*

Key Conditions*


up to 10 trades - £12
11 and up trades - £7.50

Admin fee of £9 per quarter if you haven't dealt in those 3 months

Charles Stanley & Co Ltd (FasTrade)

£9.99/trade up to £1,500 £14.99/trade over £1,500

Flat rate

Hargreaves Lansdown Online Stockbrokers Ltd


£12.50 admin fee per quarter

James Brearley & Sons Ltd


£25 admin fee per annum. Phone for more info.

Share Centre

1% commission per deal

Standard tariff:
£2.50 if buying
£7.50 if selling

TD Waterhouse Investor Services ( Europe ) Ltd

$12.50 online flat rate

Flat rates

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