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Many investors use stock trading software to control their emotions and to enable them to focus on their stock trading strategy while avoiding the effects of fear and greed.

Before using trading software you should have enough experience on investing in the stock market. Then you define your rules for software and it scans to find what stock is match to your rules and makes sell or buy signals.

After software makes trading signals, brokers execute orders. Placing orders can be done by software or manually, it depends how you've programmed the software.

Advantages of using Stock Trading Software

1. Saving you Time

There are many stocks for investing; software scanning tools scan many stocks in a little time for investment opportunities based on your strategy.

2. Avoiding of Emotions

One of the most important reasons that cause investors loose is emotions. Investors always decide to avoid emotions but, they fall to this trap again. With using software you can control your emotions.

3. Managing your portfolio

You can monitor your stocks and control your investment risk.

Different kinds of Stock Trading Software

Trading software could be divided into semi and fully automatic. Fully automatic software can be programmed to buy and sell stocks automatically but, in semi automatic one you yourself place orders to brokers.

Also there are some kinds of free software, you can see one here.

Before purchasing stock trading software, try their free trial version or buy a 100% money-back guarantee.

Introduction of some popular trading software packages

MetaStock is one of the most popular and easy-to-use stock charting and technical analysis software package.

The last version is MetaStock Pro version 9.2 with 30 day money-back guarantee.

To get real-time data, MetaStock Professional needs to be paired with a data feed. MetaStock Pro is compatible with the following data feeds: QuoteCenter and eSignal

MetaStock Pro can be purchased for a one time charge, subscribed to alone, or subscribed to in combination with QuoteCenter data.

Their prices:
MetaStockô Pro 9.2 for QuoteCenter - SOFTWARE ONLY - ONE TIME PURCHASE $1395.00

MetaStockô Pro 9.1 for eSignal - SOFTWARE ONLY - ONE TIME PURCHASE $1695.00

They have other services too, you can check yourself.

Wealth Lab Wealth-Lab Developer 4.0 is sold for a one-time licensing fee of $650. They offer a 30 day trial version.

Some Wealth-Lab features are:

- Simplified Tools for Non-Programmers

  • Drag and Drop Indicators onto the chart.
  • Create " Indicators on Indicators " via Drag and Drop.
  • Use the ChartScript and Screener Wizards to create trading strategies and screens visually , without programming.

- Advanced Development Tools for Programmers

  • Our WealthScript language provides unprecedented trading system development control and power.
  • Advanced editing environment with " F1 QuickRef ", intelligent hints , and integrated debugger .

- Sophisticated Analysis Tools

- Integrated Order Manager

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